Princess Pea Lined Cord Trousers

Baby TrousersI love these trousers!!! I can’t stop cuddling my daughter when she wears them, and patting her bottom! She looks very cute crawling around in them, and I’m sure they’re very comfy; nice and thick for protecting her knees. My only minor comment is do they need a fly? I find getting my daughter dressed nigh on impossible, more like a wrestling match, so one less zip would be good! The turn-ups don’t seem to want to stay turned-up, could just be that I’m not turning them up very much, and as she crawls they work their way down.

Reviewed by Rachael T – Frugi Crusader

Review:Bow Peep Roll-Ups

Frugi bow peep roll-ups










We were so excited when these gorgeous trousers arrived, but we had to await the warmer weather! We’ve finally had a few days of sunshine and thus the trousers have been put to good use! I’m pretty sure my daughters will test clothing in the good ole fashioned way! We’ve been rolling down grassy verges, splashing rather vehemently in muddy puddles and wiping sticky raspberry stained fingers down them, and thus far they’ve come up well! I wash my clothes at 30, predominantly with soap nuts and my main praise for Frugi is the clothes clean well! I have found however that the fabric of these trousers seems a little stiffer once washed, perhaps it’s the hard water here in Norfolk? Or perhaps it’s just the way they are made, but they definitely resemble cardboard after a morning on the line! Still, within minutes of being on and rolled around in they are soft and ready.


I love the colours, they receive many compliments and are incredibly twee. My daughter likes them too and points at the spots, proclaiming loudly “Look, POTS!!” However neither of us can really work out what we’re supposed to do with the ties! I came close to cutting them off because they just tie awkwardly, stick out when in the car seat and fall apart knot wise when walking. They are definitely the least loved thing about these otherwise adorable trousers. I don’t think they serve a particular purpose either? I was definitely befuddled. I also don’t think they’d work well (the knots / extra fabric) with smaller children, Mirabelle is old enough now not to pull and chew on things but that would have been entirely different a mere 6 months ago.

Overall they are a success, but there are definitely a few small things that would put me off buying them again.


Reviewed by Chloe M – Frugi customer and crusader

Easy Rider Roll-Ups

Easy Rider Roll-Up TrousersAfter spending the first three months of his life in rompers and dungarees, I tried to put my sixteen week old son in his first pair of trousers (not from Frugi) three weeks ago. What a performance! We spent the day with tears at every nappy change as I tried to squeeze his cloth nappied bottom into the elasticated waist trousers. By the evening I picked him up and his trousers fell to his ankles, the elastic had gone. Over the next week this was repeated with three other pairs of ‘high street’ trousers, all lasting no longer than one day and I was beginning to loose hope that we would ever find a pair of trousers that would go easily over the cloth nappy and fit snugly around my son’s slim waist. Why on earth do so many retailers sew a pretend drawstring onto the front of elasticated trousers for babies?

I’ve certainly learnt to look much closer at trousers before buying! And then, thank goodness, his Easy Rider Roll-Ups arrived and he’s lived in them ever since. I got 6-12 months having resorted to the fact that the only way he’d be getting trousers over his nappy was by ordering a bigger size and rolling up the legs!  He would actually have been fine with 3-6 months, but the trousers adjust so well that they even fit his slim waist snugly. (My friend tried the same pair on her 13 month old son who is long and not so slim, and they fitted him fine.)  The button and zip opening make it easy to get the trousers on and off quickly without any tears and the elasticated adjusters ensure a snug fit for even the slimmest of waists. After being continuously worn and washed they still look like new and fit as perfectly as they did the first time he wore them. Horray!

For now the trousers are being worn rolled up, and at the moment they are just the right length for him as trousers, but come the spring/summer he’ll be wearing them rolled up as shorts and down as trousers. The fact that the waist is so adjustable and they roll up means they can last for much longer! I can tell he’ll get a good nine months wear out of them which makes them excellent value. They are going to be so versatile if we ever get a summer and great for coping with our ever changing, unpredictable weather!

The lower legs of the trousers are lined with super soft pale blue cotton and I can tell the navy cotton canvas is going to be tough enough to cope when he’s on the move and the slightly padded knees are going to be very useful when he starts crawling around! My husband thinks the five pockets (two of which have popper fastenings) are what every little boy needs for keeping his treasures safe but I’ve got a feeling it may be a while yet before he is using them!

This has been my first experience of Frugi trousers and I am SO impressed. I just wish I’d bought Frugi trousers from the start. The money I spent on cheaper ‘high street trousers’ that lasted a day would have already bought the rascal roll-ups and too blue towelling shorties. Oh well, I’ve learnt from my mistakes and my son is definitely going to be a Frugi trousers boy from now on!

Reviewed by Helen D – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Lined cord cargos

Review by Alex C, Frugi Customer and Crusader

I haven’t always been a fan of Frugi’s trousers, so it was with some trepidation that I road tested the Lined Cord Cargos from Frugi’s Autumn/Winter baby range.

I needn’t have worried; these are everything I hoped they would be, and I’m well and truly smitten. 

Where do I start?  

As with all Frugi clobber, the fabric is thick and soft – I can identify with that!  Crucially, though, these trousers have a bit of ‘body’ to them, unlike the floppy cotton which was used in the summer range.  The cut for cloth styling means real nappies are accommodated with ease, but they don’t look baggy and shapeless – the stylish cut is evident from all angles. 

My favourite bit has to be the adjustable toggles at the waist – what a brilliant idea, and why don’t more people do this?  At 1½ Oliver is far too BUSY to stay still while his ham-fisted mother farts around with belts.  Toggles and elastic at the waist are such a fantastically simple solution and can be adjusted in a couple of seconds.  I want more of these!  In fact, when I rule the world I will make it illegal to manufacture any clothing for toddlers which doesn’t incorporate these. 

The bottom of the trousers is ribbed, which is another big plus – it means they can be easily turned up (and they stay up) if your child (like mine) suffers from duck’s disease – a long body and short legs.  Good for welly-clad puddlebusting too, of course. 

The nice brown colour goes with virtually everything, and the appliqué guitar on the back pocket adds a distinctively Frugi touch, although to be honest I’d like the trousers just as much without it. 

Any suggestions for improvement?  Not really, although I have noticed the fabric seems to be very quick to pick up ‘bits’ in the wash, and will probably need dabbing with Sellotape after a couple of washes.  A bright funky lining might also be a plus, adding a distinctive note to the garment when the legs are rolled up.  And I found the zip fly was just not necessary, as the trousers could be easily hauled over Oli’s rump without undoing it.

All in all, a triumph for Team Frugi!