The dreams of an organic clothing brand

The dreams of an organic cotton clothing company to be the most trusted and desirable brand on the planet.

7 years ago we started our little organic cotton clothing company and called it Cut4Cloth. Back then our lives were dominated by our new baby boy and cloth nappies, but we knew that quitting our jobs and following our dream was what we had to do.

I was a big leap of faith. One of those ‘if we don’t do it now will we always regret it’ moments that come along every once in a while. Well we did it and our first range of organic cotton baby clothes that would fit over a cloth nappy was launched in the summer of 2004.

We had one computer, in our spare room,  a dial-up internet connection and a dream.

Now we have twenty one computers, in a purpose built unit, 2 broadband lines…and a dream.

Our dream is for Frugi to be the most desirable and trusted organic cotton clothing brand on the planet.

Frugi clothes are always design lead. It is all very well to have the softest and strongest organic cotton in the world, but if the design is wrong then all ethics and environmentally friendliness in the world will not help. The clothes have to look great too.

We now do clothes for newborn, baby, kids and mother. Our ‘mother’ range is designed to help breastfeeding mums feed their babies discreetly, but in style. Our Baby range is sill cut that bit bigger for cloth nappies and our kids range now goes up yo 8 years old.

We now have a consumer website and a wholesale website and a great facebook page.

The dream is alive…


Kurt (Living the dream)



Building the Frugi Dream


I had the most amazing meeting yesterday.

It was full of handshakes, introductions and smiles.

You see I went along to our new HQ, at Wheal Vrose Business Park in Helston,  for a meeting between the various contractors who are building it. On site were the electricians, carpenters, glaziers, builders, telephone people, our new landlord and little old me! The place was buzzing with activity. I was very impressed.

But more than that was the atmosphere. Everyone was cracking on with their work in a brilliantly positive manner. The common goal to bring the build together, on time and on budget. Our phone people were talking cabling with their new friends, the electricians. The carpenters were talking to the builders. Our new landlord was pointing at bits and bobs and asking for my thoughts. Basically, I loved it!!

It seemed to sum up everything that’s good about Frugi.  Great communication between everyone involved. (Our customers, manufacturers, staff, retailers…the list goes on..). It’s an understanding that we’re all doing this to make things just that little bit better, for everyone and, just as importantly, having fun along the way!

If there was a Devils advocate then I’m sure that they’d pour scorn upon my enthusiasm. However, who needs them?

We are moving into a great new place and I’m excited. Sure, it will be sad to leave our little barn at Gear Farm. It has served us well and we love it here. However, right from when Lucy and I started all this way back in 2004 we embraced change and actively sought new ideas and a new way of doing things. ‘New’ is not a scary word on planet Frugi! The new HQ is a big step. Not long ago Frugi, then Cut4Cloth, existed in our spare bedroom. We had one computer, a big mortgage, a baby and enough savings to last a year. If the savings ran out before any money came in then that was it – back to the day jobs!

Well we’re still here and we have a lovely spanking new building to move into.

(They’ve put a sign up with our name on it and everything)


Denise Van Outen reviews Frugi’s Bunny Baby Grow Set

Reviewed by Denise Van Outen – Frugi’s first Celebrity Crusader!

“As a first time Frugi crusader I would like to start with saying how excited I am to be part of the gang!

I’m a new mummy, so I’ve been very selective with my first time buys. In particular I wanted to be sure the first outfits my relatives and friends saw our new baby daughter in were comfortable for baby and cute enough for baby to be photographed in.

I absolutely adore the pink and white bunny selection of babygrows. The pink and white stripe coupled with the cotton hat are a match made in heaven. The fabric is super soft, just perfect for a newborns skin. I’m absolutely thrilled at how well they wash, cos as all new mums know, the machine is constantly in use during the early days.”

Denise Van Outen

Organic baby clothes at Frugi towers Helston

Frugi towers in Helston under construction


Progress is continuing apace at our new offices and warehouse, in Helston. We all can’t wait to see the shelves loaded up with gorgeous Frugi organic cotton baby and kids clothes.

Is Helston ready for us? We’re going to have a little Frugi shop, on the ground floor, so people can pop along and buy baby clothes and meet the team.

Helston is not exactly a mecca for baby clothes – there’s a Tesco’s, but that’s not exactly selling organic cotton clothes. So, the shop is going to be quite important for us and it’ll be great to have a little more space to display things better.

Will probably be doing our next sample sale from the new build. Not sure when, but we’ll let everyone know as soon as we do.



Dot to Dot Tights

Girl wearing Frugi dot to dot tights
Girl wearing Frugi dot to dot tights

 Having not purchased Frugi tightsbefore I was amazed at how soft and stretcy these are.  They fitted over my daughters cloth nappy much easier than other brands of  tights and they felt so much softer too.

As tights are in direct contact with the skin, the fact they are organic is a big plus.   The quality of these tight is very high and I can’t believe the difference between these and our usual brand. Frugi  tights are so much softer!

These looked great with the Flutterby dress and where set to be worn and worn again, however we have a bog hold in them.  Not sure how, I think they have just  got snagged on something.

I’m a bit sad that these  can no longer we worn,  but will order another pair as soon as a get chance.   

(Just been looking to order a new set and noticed that 2-3 is the smallest size.  ( I was sure the pair we where sent where 18 -24 months – have a missed something?)

 Review by D. Malcolm Frugi customer and crusader

(Girls tights here 2-6yrs, baby girls tights here 0-2yrs)