Reversible Horizon Hooded Jacket

Wilf in his Reversible horizon hooded frugi jacket
Wilf in his Reversible horizon hooded frugi jacket


I cannot tell a lie. This hooded jacket wasn’t on my ‘most-wanted’ list the first time I flicked through Frugi’s Autumn collection. However,  I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now and Manny’s barely been out of it!

First thing that surprised me is how substantial a jacket it is. This isn’t a cardy-with-a-hood; it’s thick, warm and snuggly. Perfect for these days where the weather is difinitely on the turn. With a hat and scarf it’s more than enough to keep a fast-moving toddler warm on a dry day in the park.

The colours are great – between the reversible grey and blue and the brightly striped cuffs and trim it goes with almost anything Manny wears.  Both sides, whether organic sherpa fleece or organic jersey are super-soft and, as always with Frugi, have remained so after washing. Both sides have pockets, perfect for conkers (and one or two as yet unidentified souvenirs from the park). 

I’m also particulaly appreciative of the zip. Having cerebral palsy and poor mobility in one hand, the chunky sized zip and smooth motion makes it easy to fasten, even on a two year old revving up for a dash to the roundabouts. It’s also perfect for little fingers  – Manny now enjoys pulling up his own zip!

This jacket really is great.  I would recommend it and know of at least one wee cousin who could well be getting one for his birthday!

By G. Baker

Frugi customer and crusader

Easy Rider Hoody

Easy Rider HoodyI’m so pleased this was sent for us to review as it has become one of my favourite tops to see my son in! The blue is a lovely shade, not as dark as it looked on the internet, and hides a multitude of stains! The contrasting paler blue stitching around the pockets, zip and hood and the embroidered trike motif, which matches the Easy Rider T-shirt motif, lives up to Frugi’s attention to detail. I love the contrasting striped fabric and the fact the colours chosen and the hood lining, wrist and waist bands brighten up the darker blue. It also makes this top go brilliantly with the ‘Whatever the Weather Vests’ and all of the boys T-shirts.

This hoody is fantastic value for money because with it being reversible you’re getting two tops in one. It’s so well made and there are even pockets on the striped side too! I’ve never come across a reversible top with pockets on both sides! There have been many occasions when we’ve been out and one side has become covered with milk or dribble, but after a quick wipe clean and dry and being turned inside out we’ve been good to go. Usually with reversible tops I have a favourite side and I never end up using the reversible feature but with this top this hasn’t been the case! I can honestly say I love both sides of this top as much as each other. I think the navy side looks great with the Easy Rider Roll-Ups and I’m going to be ordering the Rascal Roll-Ups soon because I think they’ll look great with it too, especially the striped side!

The quality of this top is excellent. It washes really well and doesn’t seem to need ironing! The organic cotton feels super soft and it is a big hit in our house hold! I think I’ll be buying this in some larger sizes too!

Reviewed by Helen D – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Go Go Go Hoody

Go Go Go Hoody 

The Go Go Go Hoody

Another great item.  It has a go-kart on it so is a big winner with the boys and it looks really good with the helter skelter tee.  It’s quite weighty so will easily last through from early spring to cooler summer days and on into autumn.  The blue side is really lovely to snuggle into and could be worn on the outside if it weren’t for the fact that no-one would then see the go-kart (so a no go in our house!). 

Reviewed by Sam C – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Rockpooler hoody – an ex-crusader blogs!

 One thing I really like about Team Frugi is their pessimism.


I don’t mean they wander about gloomily wondering why the glass is half-empty and quoting Kafka at each other.  I mean they are realistic about the British weather.


Well, what other company would produce a ‘summer’ top that my little boy has been happily wearing during one of the coldest Februarys on record?


Rockpooler Towelling HoodyThe Rockpooler Hoody has to be one of the most versatile pieces of clothing ever.  It’s warm enough to wear in winter (albeit with a vest underneath) but cool enough that your beloved won’t melt whilst wearing it in a (British) summer.  Aussies – you can stop reading right now. 


The colour reproduction in the catalogue is a bit confusing – I thought it looked like it was blue and cream, inspired perhaps by a New England seascape.  It’s actually blue and grey.   Which is a coincidence, because that was the colour of my face after chasing the postie down our snowy street to grab the parcel before it was whisked away leaving me haplessly clutching one of those really irritating ‘while you were out’ cards.



The top’s actually a bit of a grower – looks perfectly acceptable off, but really comes into its own when worn.  Then, the tunic styling can be appreciated fully, and little details, like the lined hood, show up.


Frugi clobber doesn’t tend to need ironing, and this needs it even less than most.  And it seems to have remained even softer than other things too, despite repeated washing.  I’d definitely like to see this fabric being given a starring role in future collections – towelling is for life, not just for summer!


Reviewed by Alex C – Frugi Customer & Retired Crusader!

Red Bug Detective zippy top – a love story between a boy and his hoody

Reviewed by Jenny T, Frugi Customer & Crusader

Robert’s red hoody arrived several weeks ago and I’ve only just managed to prise it off his shoulders for its first wash such is his devotion to it.  Or rather to the inside of the hood! It’s been worn with the hood up at every opportunity and I often catch him nuzzling into it like a comfort blanket – only when he thinks no-one’s watching, mind!

His first reaction to his Frugi gift nearly knocked me sideways, because, bizarrely for a 6 year old boy, he actually had an opinion on a piece of clothing rather than just blindly pulling on what I’d laid out for him that day.  There was a delighted “Aw – coooooooo-ell!!” which I think translates as “thanks mum this is great” in playground speak.  And so his love affair with his hoody began.

I was a bit sceptical about what such a vibrant red would actually co-ordinate with, other than jeans.  But having tried it with khaki, brown, and blue checks – it’s a real winner.  The teal hood and stitching are such a fab contrast – it’s so distinctive, and yet somehow matches with everything.  When the tiny beetle was discovered around the back of the hoody on day 2, there was much delight as Robert decided this must definitely be a scarab beetle (guess who’s just finished a project on the Egyptians!).

This super soft top has been worn as a top layer for walks in the woods and the pockets were tested to their limits when at least 30 or 40 acorns were stuffed in them for the trip home.  It’s also been great for layering under a waterproof on an unpredictable autumn day.  The hoody has been worn as a “cardigan” (do boys wear cardigans?) inside as often as it’s been a jacket outside.

I’ve been delighted with the fit – Robert is above average height for his age and it fits perfectly – I imagine we’ll be using it well into next spring.  But once he grows out of it, I know his little sister has her beady eyes on it already and will be snaffling it as soon as it’s available!

In summary – I love the thickness of the fabric; my son loves how soft and comfy it is – especially the fleecy hood inner.  We both love the thick zip which is chunky and easy to get up and down with frozen fingers.  But most of all I love the colours – great for dull, grey days – like that essential blob of tomato sauce on a hotdog on bonfire night (that’s an organic hot dog of course….)