Nautical Stripe Towelling Shorties

Reviewed by JoJo G – Frugi Crusader

My three year old has never shown any interest in what he was wearing, but since unwrapping our compostable Frugi parcel he hasn’t been out of his shorties, he even wore them to bed last night.  Despite the frost on the ground this morning he still wanted to be dressed in them but to be honest I can understand why he loves them.  The colours are bright, bold and gorgeous, love the splash of red.  The terry towelling is very high quality, super soft and squidgy.  The waist band ties for a perfect fit without any irritating internal buttons or elastic.  They are easy peasy  to pull up and down for visits to the little boys room/potty training.  Long over the knees which looks very cute and will help protect knobbly knees against cuts and scrapes, perfect for my tree climbing boy.  These shorts will be worn all summer for all occasions; in the garden, on the beach, birthday parties, BBQ’s, lunch with the Grandparents etc.  I reckon I could get two summers out of these shorts before passing them onto his younger brother for a couple more!

Cheeky Check Shorts

Reviewed by Amy H – Frugi Crusader

These shorts are fast becoming my favourite item in Tom’s wardrobe and I cannot wait to see him on the beach in them this summer.  They are simply adorable.  They have a  soft, drawstring, elasticated waist  so brilliant for independent toddlers who toddle off to the loo themselves.  The check has so many different blues you would be hard pressed to find a blue top which doesn’t go with them and I have also teamed them with white obviously and sunshine yellow.  We love these and I will be squirrelling them away somewhere safe when Tom has outgrown them and will delight when I pull them out again for Finn to wear.

Sea Monster T-Shirt and Cord Combat Shorties

Reviewed by Kirsten C – Frugi Crusader

The Sea Monster T-shirt is my favourite in this spring’s boy range! It’s just the right colour for my Noel, just turned 6, whose clothes begin to be magically covered in chocolate ice-cream dribblings, mud splashings and such from the moment he puts them on in the morning (sigh!)  The seamonster motif is really charming – Noel already calls is his “Nessie shirt” – he likes it because it’s “cool” and I like it because the print is as good as new after quite a few washes –  and because the “monster” is such a friendly smiling creature, such a refreshing change from  the rather dark and depressing  superhero-themed  things which seem to be  the fashion for little boys – and yet not too babyish for a soon-to-be first grader. (I liked the Olli Octopus shirt, too, but when I looked through the Frugi catalogue with him, he said he’d rather have the seamonster, because of the “babyish” factor I think!)

Sadly, it hasn’t been warm enough yet to put my little man into the Combat Cord Shorties, but he tried them on and looked great, it made me long for mild summer days just to look at him! So far I can say that the fit is perfect for him, and I’m glad the waist can be easily adjusted for him and that nothing’s rubbing on his skin – he’s rather on the slim side, so we usually have to adjust his trousers’ waistbands – which are, in most cases, made of elastic ribbon to be fixed with buttons on the inside – horrible, he always has thick red marks on his waist at the end of the day. Thanks, Frugi, for giving thought to such details!

Do I really have to add that both shirt and shorties are supersoft to the touch? Well then, they certainly are! 😉 I just love them!

Leapfrogger Shorties

Leapfrogger ShortiesYes, I know these come in the girl’s section, but there isn’t a hint of pink in them – not a stitch. I bought these leapfrogger shorties because I really wanted some shorts for my eighteen-month old son in the same fabric as last year’s fabulous swashbucklers. This thick cotton loopback is amazingly hardwearing; it lasts forever. These shorts are a generous length and are just the thing for protecting tender little knees on climbing expeditions in the rockery.

The colour is not quite blue, not quite green, but the duck egg shade that you see painted on ceilings in country houses. There is white contrast stitching round the legs and pockets: a smart detail but not over-fussy. Perhaps the thing I like best about this style is the very comfortable ribbed waistband which fits very snugly without rubbing.

I can’t help thinking that this lovely shade of aqua is just the thing for setting off those strawberry pink shades in this season’s girls’ collection. These shorts or the leapfrogger hoodie would go well with the two pack of pink T-shirts or the wonderfully whimsical  fancy spot top.

Sadly, as the mother of two boys, I will have to forgo the pleasures of mixing pinks and blues, and stick with the shorts.  Could we have some back again in the boys’ range next year, please?

Reviewed by Zoe R – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Rock Pool Towelling Shorties

Towelling Shorts… favourite item from the Spring/Summer 2009 collection is these mid calf length ‘shorties‘!

Lovely soft terry towelling fabric with a light grey/turquoise stripe (catalogue as usual does not do them justice – look more white/blue in the picture.) It is a pity the navy waistband & ties in jersey cotton get hidden under tops.

They are great for urgent potty trips as just pull down & up easily & are very absorbent for little dribbles!
They go well with the Crabber T-Shirt, Heritage blue T-Shirt (from ocean 2 pack) or the Fisherman Sweatshirt.

I cannot wait for the warmer weather for Oliver to wear them outside & I shall definitely be buying a bigger size to keep for next year!

Reviewed by Jane P – Frugi Customer & Crusader