Tractor Applique Envelope Top

Lovely thick organic cotton makes this topTractor Top a standout for me – it’s much thicker than your average t-shirt, so great for chilly Autumn or Winter days.  The envelope neck makes it easy to get over my baby’s head without tears and screaming (from me or him!)
The tractor applique is a striking addition, and unlike other applique tops I’ve owned in the past (not Frugi ones), the applique is stitched on firmly and doesn’t unravel or pull off.  
Overall it’s a great little top, and I’m going to be tempted to buy it again in the next size up when this one is grown out of!
Reviewed by Mikaela B – Frugi Crusader

Howl Layered Top 2-3yrs

Reviewed by Ann B – Frugi Crusader

Howl Layered TopAs expected from Frugi, this top is made from the softest, loveliest organic cotton which is just lovely against my son’s skin. The layering design of the top with the contrasting blues is very fashionable for little boys and  (whilst not my favourite Frugi design) it is unique – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wolf design on a toddler top before. My son has been practising his howl whilst wearing it! Goes really well with the Timber Cord Cargos and jeans. It fits my just 2 year old son quite well – slightly long in the arm, but not necessary to fold up the arms.

Go for the Go Go Go!

Go Go Go TopI knew I would have to get the Go Go Go Top for my son as soon as I saw it in the new Spring collection. First, it is the colour of all his favourite things: fire engines, post boxes, traffic lights, jam tarts. Red it is, and not just any old red, but a glorious vibrant scarlet.

Secondly, I love the  rakish  good humour of this top’s design, the way the diagonal speed stripes continue all the way round the back long after you might have expected them to stop, and the fact that those little wheel motifs morph into the phrase ‘go go go’, but only if you look very closely.  The go kart satisfies all those boy cravings for fast things on wheels whilst retaining the unimpeachable eco credentials one would expect from frugi: carbon neutral transport, of course! The Bash Street Kids or Beryl the Peril would certainly know how to steer one of these down an improbably steep and narrow street.

The same attention to detail is evident in the trim on neck and cuffs: not black but a very dark navy blue.  The neck is cut a bit lower than in the winter tops and the material is soft and light without being clingy: a good choice for warmer weather, but also very versatile layered over a vest or under a hoodie.  Overall the top is roomy without sacrificing its shape.

Frugi tops are remarkable for their longevity. My youngest has just about grown out of a stripey one he has worn regularly twice a week for the last eight months: it hasn’t lost its shape and it has barely faded. I don’t know of any other tops quite as luxurious and hard-working as these.

Reviewed by Zoe R – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Go Go Go Top

Ernesto in his Go Go Go Top!!This is a classic Frugi-fantastic quality top. The wonderfully soft organic cotton keeps it’s colour and it’s shape very well in the wash (rather than becoming too short and wide with use). I love the raglan sleeves, which I think fit the shoulder better than square-cut sleeves, and the body is nice and long. Also, the contrasting trim round the cuffs stop the sleeves falling down (keeping them out of food, mud and playdough) even when they are slightly too long, so the Go Go Go Top solves the difficult in-between sizes problem really well. It’s also a brilliant colour; really vibrant and easy to match with other wardrobe staples like jeans and cords. I must confess that my son is not interested in the go-cart design, and didn’t believe me when I told him there was writing going up the side, but he will happily wear this top anyway because he says it’s so comfortable.

Reviewed by Hannah S – Frugi Customer & Crusader