Canvas Zip offs and Ollie Octopus t-shirt

Reviewed by Wendy T – Frugi Crusader

As modeled by Luke, 4.5 yrs old.

I must be honest, when I first read the name of the zip offs, I had a flashback to the holidays of my youth – canvas; scratchy, heavy, especially when wet, smells a bit (maybe it was just our tent?).  So I was thrilled (and a bit relieved) when these zip-off trousers arrived for Luke.  Firstly, they are super-soft and lightweight, ideal for summer, especially when they’re zipped off.  The adjustable waistband rocks – Luke is average height, but under 9th centile for weight (he doesn’t get that from me!) and a lot of trousers fall down, but these don’t.  They wash and dry really well, which is another bonus for grubby boys.  I can see these getting a lot of use this summer on the beach.

Ollie Octopus makes a beautiful, cheerful applique – Luke is a big fan and so am I.  Like all our Frugi gear, it has washed and dried really nicely and -yey- doesn’t need ironing….very environmentally friendly.

Thanks, Frugi!

Timber Cord Cargos (Nightshadow Blue)

Reviewed by Ann B – Frugi Crusader

Timber Cord CargosThese are a really soft cord with lovely contrasting blue jersey lining which look great as turn-ups. My son seemed very happy to wear them and was pleased with all the pockets – plenty of places for hiding conkers and stones…

I like the fact that there is an adjustable elasticated waist, but my only quibble would be that the button (quite stiff at first) and zip are not the most toddler friendly when potty training.

I have a pair of Frugi cords from last autumn/winter in the same size which (whilst lovely to look at) attracted the fluff quite badly. The Timber Cord Cargos are a GREAT improvement in the fluff department and I didn’t see one bit stuck to them at all.

Rebel Roll-ups

Rebel Roll-Up Trousers
Rebel Roll-Up Trousers

We were very excited to receive out beautifully wrapped parcel from Frugi. Oliver, our 3 year old, grabbed it with glee on recognising the logo saying ‘new clothes! Can I open it now?’

Oliver’s view- He LOVES the pockets especially the 2 with zips on the legs. They’ll be useful for collecting shells in the Summer.

Mummy’s view- These trousers are made from a lovely soft cotton canvas whih looks like a fine linen weave but without the harshness & creasability…..would be ideal for ‘smart wear’ like weddings but equally good for playing on the beach or in the garden as they are very supple!

The ‘roll-up’ is great….lots of growing room for next year……as is the navy blue jersey lined waistband & navy drawstring (not turquoise as shown in the catalogue)…..lots of adjustability & most importantly easy to pull down & up for quick potty trips!

Despite being described as ‘stone grey’ colour they have a slight pale green tinge which is very matchable to many tops & T shirts. They machine wash & tumble dry very quickly & can be lifted out & worn without any ironing!!

Reviewed by Jane P – Frugi Customer & Crusader

For kings and rascals alike!

Rascal Roll-Up Trousers
Rascal Roll-Up Trousers

These Rascal Roll-Up Trousers follow a classic Frugi design, with an elasticated waistband and stitched in drawstring, and button-up roll bottoms.   Although, at first sight, the 18-24 month size looked like they would take some growing into by my 20-month old, slim build but pot-bellied rascal, appearances can be deceptive.  In fact they are a very good fit both with disposable and cloth nappies.  The elasticated waistband is snug enough that they don’t fall down (unlike many non-Frugi trousers of the same size) but is also wide enough that there is no danger of it digging in uncomfortably as his pot-belly swells.  The drawstring can be tied for added security in the early days if the trousers are on the loose side.

Meanwhile the roll-up feature is not just a good look… they are great to prevent the trouser bottoms from getting soaked in puddles or stepped on by clambering feet.  And, of course, they give the trousers an extended life-time on growing legs.  The thick cotton jersey that these trousers are made from is not only extremely comfortable but I’m pretty sure it is going to be hard-wearing too (I’ll let you know if this proves untrue).

The khaki colour of these trousers is very forgiving of all the scrapes and adventures that you would expect of a 20-month old (although I admit the neon-coloured paints Harry had been using at nursery did show up!), and I love the blue details which mean they can be mixed and matched with other clothes in the Frugi collection for guaranteed style.

Harry likes the pockets – great for storing contraband items (snacks/pens) and beloved treasures (plastic farm animals mainly).

The only minor draw-back: the elastic in the waistband can get twisted under the cotton outer, but it doesn’t take much effort to correct this.

All-in-all, a puddle-stomping rascal or a castle-climbing king would be equally well equipped  in these!

Reviewed by Anna S – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Trekker Zip-Offs

Trekker Zip-Off Trousers
Trekker Zip-Off Trousers

These trousers have a rugged, exploratory feel.  The sturdy colours are a great foil to all the bright and beautiful tops in this summer’s collection,  providing a practical but stylish basis for many outfits. 

Zipped on, they’re good for scrambling through bramble patches, negotiating meadows of tick-infested long grasses, keeping off the midgies while grilling marshmallows over the camp-fire. Zipped off, perfect for plunging hot dusty feet and ankles in cool streams, padding over velvet-soft lawns and creating sand sculptures on the beach.  If your boy is the outdoors type, he really needs a pair of these: they’re perfectly designed for the vagaries of the British climate.

I confess that I am a fanatic about Frugi’s trousers for the simple reason that my son refuses to wear anything else. Comfortable trousers should form the basis of any boy’s wardrobe, but in my experience they are astonishingly difficult to find: nasty rough fabrics that itch and rub, ill-fitting designs, and non-functioning waistbands are sadly de rigeur amongst major manufacturers. What a relief then,  to find a pair that have been designed, not just to look good, but with the comfort of the young child firmly in mind.  The canvas material is strong but not suffocatingly heavy, the cut is generous round the crotch and seat so he doesn’t get too hot, they don’t pinch or bunch up in tender places, the waistband is lined with soft cotton so they don’t rub and the toggles adjust to fit even my super-skinny son: no more of those comedy collapsing-round-the-ankles moments in public places!

These zip-offs are also versatile,  with real cross-seasonal appeal.  Along with the rebel roll-ups, they offer great flexibility and adjustability and a solution to the too-long, too-short dilemma.  Have you noticed how boys’ trousers are the perfect length for about five minutes? If your child is between sizes, they can wear the zip-offs as long shorts all summer, then use them as  full-length trousers come early Autumn when their legs have lengthened.  I’ve also found these longer-length shorts good for those  many wet days in the summer, when your child insists on wading through long soggy grass and soaking his trouser legs. This way he stays dry and you don’t end up with three pairs of wet trousers at the end of the day.

Treat your boy to a pair of these. You know he deserves them.


Reviewed by Zoe R – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Frugili snug as a Frugi bug

Reviewed by Helen S, Frugi Customer & Crusader
Well, I had orders from my husband we needed more trousers for our young man.  Oh, ok, you’ve twisted my arm…  I’ll go and buy some.  So, onto the Frugi website where my loyalties lie and I purchased another pair of the brown cords (in the hope my husband won’t notice there are 2 pairs now!) and then thought that I’d go for the Bug Detective Lined Combats.  

I initially didn’t go for these because they were a lighter colour (than chocolate brown) and would show up any marks and need washing more often.  But, as they landed on our doormat, along with the cold north wind and snow, the rich brownness of the material shone through – it’s very subtle, and the website doesn’t do it justice.  The shade of colour and slight ‘shotness’ of it, means that mud blends in rather well!  Plus, and the big plus following last weekend’s snow, they are the warmest, cosiest, sumptuous pair of trousers our little man has ever had. 

At first he didn’t want to put them on,  the brown cords being his favourite.  However, having wrestled him to the floor, coerced him in with promises of chocolate buttons, he then didn’t want to take them off – all day, and the next day too!  (until we had a little accident and then they had to be removed, again with chocolate buttons entering the equation)

The detail on the back pocket is rather cute and has been noticed by other mums – a little bug crawling out of a pinned back pocket. 

They do take a little extra time to dry (thank God for the 2 pairs of brown cords!) but the weather seems to be staying cold so he’ll be in them again tomorrow. 

And maybe this is an incentive to stay dry in the potty training season too! 

These are a definite MUST for the winter and I think we might have to buy a bigger size to keep him happy next year too.

Any chance of a ‘breast feeding’ pair of trousers… er… xx


Explorer Pants

Review by Emma S, Frugi Customer & Crusader

Boys Explorer Pants >

explorer pants

These comfy and adaptable stone coloured trousers go with virtually everything.  A wide elasticated waistband with drawstring ensures a perfect fit for all sizes, and also makes for easy nappy changes or easy removal for potty training toddlers.  Attractive pockets not only look good but are great for older explorers finds- leaves,sticks, flowers, shells, dead crabs!.

The roll up legs, with lovely wooden buttons,  are perfect for paddling or just cooling down and looking cool!  Also found my son could wear them rolled up whilst full leg was still too long, therefore will take him much longer to grow out of them. It is a good job they are made to last, as all Frugi clothes, washing without losing shape or fading and remaining soft.

Great looking, very practical and comfortable all in one, I can’t recommend these trousers highly enough.

Boys Organic Cotton Explorer Pants

Product Review by Marrisa C – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Boys Organic Cotton Explorer Pants

Hi There, Helen I’m giving you a run for your money in navigating the site. I’ve just spent 10 minutes going round and round trying to get back to somewhere that will let me write a review! I’ve been reading the ones so far and really amused by your styles! Here goes mine.I’ve been so excited about receiving the Frugi parcels that I was about to write about the lovely swashbuckler pants! (Received the swashbuckler top you see). Connor (22 months) has been wearing the swashbuckler top and pants today and just as I type (with the catalogue for reference) I’ve realised that they’re ‘not the same range’. Could have fooled me (well you did). Like Alex I’m far from a fashionista, & probably can’t spell it, and I’m never too good at the coordinated thing. In years to come Connor will berate me for the photos with fashion crimes that I show to his various friends. So the first thing about the explorer pants and swashbuckler top is that they do indeed go together. Which is handy.

Stone would not be the usual colour that I’d choose for a grubby explorer like Connor but it’s great, the material is just gorgeous and I’d like some for me too please? It has a nice chunky cotton feel that doesn’t go weird or drag itself clean off ‘the bum’ when wet and muddy in the garden. Last year I shyed away from some natural C4C joggers and got 2 blue and I missed a trick! The explorers are 18-24 & ,maybe as we’ve just moved out of washables, (boo hiss sold my soul to moltex) they are a centimetre or 2 long in the leg at the moment. The bonus is they roll up (& button up to 3/4 length) and growth spurts allowing will last us way past Connors second birthday.  Connors waist does seem to vary between medium ‘pot’, and full blown ‘horse belly’ as we call it. (a memory from childhood of local stables pony Skippy, blowing out his belly so as to make tightening the girth a little tricky!) So for now I do have to tighten the waist cord a bit. (i do like the toggle things on some Explorer zip offs we’ve got).  

So hoorah for the Explorer Pants that are not swashbuckler pants! No down sides.  


High Time for High Waistbands – Dino T-shirt & Explorer Trousers

Product Review by Joanne G – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Boys Dino T-shirt and Boys Explorer Trousers

I never thought the day would come when I would side with Simon Cowell let alone commend his sometimes questionable dress sense – but when it comes to high waistbands Mr Cowell and I are reading from the same cheesy songbook.

I have enjoyed the hipster revival as much as the next person, but not until I had Michael did I see the folly of the anti-highrise attitude found amongst our Nation’s fashionistas. However, flicking through a girly mag at the doctors the other day I am reliably informed that the high waistband is back. Well here’s hoping that the children’s fashion fraternity sits up and takes some notice. Hipsters on kids don’t work. When did dressing your child in practical, comfortable and (cough, cough) “appropriate” clothing fall by the wayside, in favour of a pair of skimpy, trousers that ride down to the thighs the moment the child moves about? And don’t get me started on hipsters and nappies.

So it was with a great sigh of relief that I opened my parcel from Frugi. Thank heaven for Frugi. The little pair of Explorer Zip-Off Trousers and the matching Dino Tee look the part, but more importantly play the part. The trousers, in particular, are designed with active kids in mind. The waistband, while far from being Cowell-esque, is high enough that it covers everything it should. The zip-offs are a fashionable, but practical style that will see Michael through summer and into Autumn. The design is well thought out, changing a smart pair of trousers into a very trendy pair of shorts. Together, the trousers and the tee make a great casual outfit for everyday wear, however the trousers can easily be paired with a shirt to suit a more formal occasion.

Both the trousers and the tee are made of the softest organic cotton, and the toggles on the trousers waistband gives great adjustability for cloth nappy and disposable wearing babies alike. The Dino Tee is charming and, washes superbly.

Perhaps I am being a little too ready to seek the demise of the kiddie hipster, but as this little outfit proves it is possible to have fashionable, stylish clothes, that are practical and child-friendly.