Frugi is off to London

The Frugi LOndon Crew
Happy little Frugi bunnies
Some of the Frugi ‘Tomorrow’ departmant are off to that there London to talk to some of our customers about all things Frugi-ish. Technically this is known as a ‘focus group’..apparently. However, this being us, it’ll probably be just an excuse for a chat and biscuits!
Th ‘Van’ that was hired turned out to be a Peugeot ‘Partner’ with extra seets in the boot. Hummm, a little cramped. I think some form of people carrier was expected. Anyway, all the girls have very small bums do they’ll fit in easliy and have a very comfy journey!
Thanks Helene for the thumbs up and the sticking out tongue – you are way too cool.
Good luck little Frugi people. Don’t let the ‘big smoke’ scare you.

A look back at 2010 for Frugi

Well, here we are at the end of another brilliant year on Planet Frugi.

This year has seen us move into our fantastic new offices and warehouse. Watch the video HERE 

We also did a little film about one of our photoshoots HERE

Lucy and Henri flirted outrageously with Colin Firth at the Ethical business awards, but Kurt didn’t mind too much. Hugh FearnleyWhittingstall impressed us with just being a really nice chap (We think that Lucy fell a little bit in love with him too)

Denise Van Outen became our first celebrity ‘Crusader’ – Thanks Denise, we love you too! Latest from Denise just in..

” just had a look at the Frugi spring summer collection for 2011. There are so many fabulous items to choose from. I know its going to be a Frugi spring/ summer for our baby girl Betsy”
Denise Van Outen

We also have a brand new website HERE

And from 2011 we’ll be going up in our size range to 8 yrs – Yippieeeeeeee

From all of us, to all of you, a heartfelt thank you

Have a great Christmas and see you in 2011


Gone up that there London again

In true Jack Kerouac style we’ve been on the road again.

Get in the Van, man, and take a trip!

Lucy, Fran, Emma, Emily and Neythan went along to the Bubble show to exhibit our fine wares to the metropolis.

They returned with the freedom of the city. (They didn’t actually)

Look, the sign post points the way.

Lucy Jewson looking 'young' and 'hip'

 Proper Job Luce.

Noticed that the Van came back with a big, empty, bag of maltesers in it!

Denise Van Outen reviews Frugi’s Bunny Baby Grow Set

Reviewed by Denise Van Outen – Frugi’s first Celebrity Crusader!

“As a first time Frugi crusader I would like to start with saying how excited I am to be part of the gang!

I’m a new mummy, so I’ve been very selective with my first time buys. In particular I wanted to be sure the first outfits my relatives and friends saw our new baby daughter in were comfortable for baby and cute enough for baby to be photographed in.

I absolutely adore the pink and white bunny selection of babygrows. The pink and white stripe coupled with the cotton hat are a match made in heaven. The fabric is super soft, just perfect for a newborns skin. I’m absolutely thrilled at how well they wash, cos as all new mums know, the machine is constantly in use during the early days.”

Denise Van Outen

Frugi nominated in the Observer Ethical awards

Could we be more excited?

Frugi have been nominated for ‘Best online retailer’ in the Observer Ethical awards!! Whoo Hooo!!

Here’s the shortlist

This means that we’ll be going up to the big smoke (London) for a posh night out with some very famous people, and hopefully helping to highlight that a successful business can and should be run in the most ethical and responsible way possible!

If you’d like to know more about it all click HERE

A big, big, big Frugi thank you to everyone who voted for us. We are really thrilled to be nominated.

We’ll let you know the results as soon as we know.

Frugi, Jamie Oliver and 15 Cornwall

Hey, our Anna is a TV celeb!!

We had the cameras over to talk about our partnership with Jamie Oliver’s 15 Cornwall restaurant.

(We’ve done a great range of organic t-shirts and an apron with them)

Anna did the talking, and we all tried to act natural and keep the noise down.

Catch Anna before she does a ‘Britian’s got talent’ on us and starts saying, “Daaaarling” alot and calling for her “People”.

Click HERE to see her shine.

It’s nippy at Frugi Towers

Jack frost has come a visiting us this week. It’s just as well that we don’t have any Brass Monkeys to worry about! The warehouse is a bit nippy.

The ‘Today’ teem are frantically packing and processing orders whilst boiling in the office when processing them because the ‘Tomorrow’ team are precious little things and need the heating up!

All good fun though. We have Jonny Cash on Mark’s stereo. Something about Fulsome prison.

Don’t forget to have a look at the SALE we need to keep busy to keep warm!!





Organic Cotton – a dream to wash!

Just the other day one of our customers bought a pair of organic cotton shorts over the internet. We delivered it the very next day (we think it’s important that our customers don’t miss out on any potential Frugi-wearing days) and her little boy wore his new shorts that afternoon as they toddled off for a walk. He promptly fell on his bum and landed in a cow-pat.

Poor old mum sighed, popped the shorts in the wash, hung them on the line to dry and called us the next morning to let us know that they had washed beautifully and looked as good as new…which just goes to show that organic cotton washes really well!