Spring is in the air at Frugi

It’s been a lovely sunny day, here at Frugi HQ today.

We’ve had the big doors to the warehouse open for the first time in I don’t know how long. The cobwebs have been blown away, and we’re good to go again.

Lots of stuff going on, on our facebook pages at the moment http://www.facebook.com/welovefrugi

Also twitter is quite busy – come find us at @Frugi

We’re all having a think how to best use our Cut4Cloth site going forwards, as we may be integrating the blog into our main site www.welovefrugi.com

Maybe a forum for cloth nappies or organic cotton clothes. Mums-to-be and nursing mums. Or a big directory devoted to ethical business?

Lots to think about and great plans ahead.



Review:Bow Peep Roll-Ups

Frugi bow peep roll-ups










We were so excited when these gorgeous trousers arrived, but we had to await the warmer weather! We’ve finally had a few days of sunshine and thus the trousers have been put to good use! I’m pretty sure my daughters will test clothing in the good ole fashioned way! We’ve been rolling down grassy verges, splashing rather vehemently in muddy puddles and wiping sticky raspberry stained fingers down them, and thus far they’ve come up well! I wash my clothes at 30, predominantly with soap nuts and my main praise for Frugi is the clothes clean well! I have found however that the fabric of these trousers seems a little stiffer once washed, perhaps it’s the hard water here in Norfolk? Or perhaps it’s just the way they are made, but they definitely resemble cardboard after a morning on the line! Still, within minutes of being on and rolled around in they are soft and ready.


I love the colours, they receive many compliments and are incredibly twee. My daughter likes them too and points at the spots, proclaiming loudly “Look, POTS!!” However neither of us can really work out what we’re supposed to do with the ties! I came close to cutting them off because they just tie awkwardly, stick out when in the car seat and fall apart knot wise when walking. They are definitely the least loved thing about these otherwise adorable trousers. I don’t think they serve a particular purpose either? I was definitely befuddled. I also don’t think they’d work well (the knots / extra fabric) with smaller children, Mirabelle is old enough now not to pull and chew on things but that would have been entirely different a mere 6 months ago.

Overall they are a success, but there are definitely a few small things that would put me off buying them again.


Reviewed by Chloe M – Frugi customer and crusader

Lots of things about organic cotton and ethical clothes

Well hopefully this is the start of a beautiful blog! Here at Frugi, our planet revolves around organic cotton and ethical clothing, and since most of us in the office are women we feel a strange urge to share our thoughts with the rest of the world!

There’s a whole page of blurb explaining who we are and heaps of information on our website, but in short Frugi sells organic cotton clothes – all ethically made – for babies, kids and mums.  

We think really carefully about everything we do. Lucy & Kurt (the founders of Frugi) spent a long time searching for the right manufacturers to make our organic cotton clothes back when they started the company four years ago (under the name Cut4Cloth). With all the tragic stories in the media these days about clothes that are produced in sweat shops by children and sold cheap on our high streets, Lucy & Kurt were determined to do things ethically. And they did…In a nutshell – all our clothes are made from 100% organic cotton which means there are no nasty chemicals or ugly pesticides involved, all the farmers and workers are paid a fair salary and are over 18.

We’ve got so much to say, and here on our blog we can twitter on to our hearts’ content about all that’s important to us; organic cotton, ethical clothes, cloth nappies and all things green and eco-friendly in general. With luck, our Frugi Blog will be crammed full with intriguing facts and random ponderings…we hope you’ll enjoy it!