Frugi organic cotton clothes in 2009

Welcome to 2010. It’s a lovely round number isn’t it? This year will see Frugi / cut4cloth turn 6. We’ve been born, gone to pre-school, started ‘big’ school and we’re now in year 2 so to speak.

Since Lucy and I started Cut4Cloth in 2004, organic cotton clothing has emerged from the fringes to become much more widely known and appreciated. Back then we had to explain to everyone what organic cotton was. “Can you eat it?” was the standard quip. Don’t hear that much anymore.

2009 was a vintage year.

We went to India twice to see our manufacturers, meet the organic cotton farmers and explore. We sent Adam, our photographer, along on the second trip. Hopefully, when his feet touch the ground, we’ll get lots of pictures up on the blog and in the catalogue – maybe even some video of it all. (Do people still use the word ‘video’? )

We donated 10K to our two charities. PAN UK (Pesticide action network) and the Cornwall marine strandings network, via our membership to 1% for the planet

We had a brilliant sample sale and gave the proceeds to an Orphanage near to one of our manufacturers, in India.

Some great people joined us, at Frugi towers,  in 2009. We now have an assistant garment technologist, Abigail, a graphic designer, Nathan, and ‘Doris’ AKA Derek in the warehouse!

Oh, and we also sold some amazing organic cotton clothes. The best yet. Thank you to all of our customers for your support, tweets, face-book comments, blogs, chat etc. etc. It’s just brilliant to get your input.

So, to infinity and beyond! 2010 looks set for even more adventurous and exciting. The Spring stock is arriving soon, and hopefully the sun will shine upon us all.

Thank you so much everyone. No really, I mean it. It’s a blast and it really feels like we’re achieving great things!!

Here’s to the future


Pizza back on the menu for frugi staff

It’s been a long, hard winter for all of us here at Frugi towers. We love our jobs, don’t get us wrong. Organic cotton clothes rock!
However, it’s been pasty upon pasty upon pasty.
But…the sun is now shining and the farm shop’s wood burning oven has been brought back to life. It’ s pizza time – yum.

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We have the new loos

We’re all happy bunnies here at Frugi towers this week. You see our new, indoor, loos have been completed. Lucy has tried them out thoroughly and they seem to be working magnificently !

Our old loos are now strictly for the Gear Farm campers.

No more giggling in our chairs trying to postpone the trip out and about the high barn for as long as possible.

So, a big thank you to Rex (our landlord) for all of his hard work!

We’re thrilled!!!!!