Swing Cardigan – Rose

Reviewed by Deanne G – Frugi Crusader 

This lovely soft cardigan is ideal for our lovely Scottish weather. It’s a lovely colour of pink and will match many items in Sophie’s wardrobe. It looks great teamed with the dungarees to make a lovely bright and practical outfit. Sophie seems to be developing some eczematous patches and this did not irritate her skin at all. She was very comfortable in it at our recent beach trip. The big buttons are great as they make it so quick and easy to put on and Sophie thought the organic cotton was delicious when she had a wee chew on her cardigan.

Love Heart Shrug

Review by Joy P, Frugi Customer & Crusader

I’m onto my second (or third?) season of Frugi shrugs and this is every bit as good as the previous ones.  The fabric is soft and comfy, but sturdy enough to hold its shape well, and the colours are useful wardrobe staples for matching with lots of outfits as well as other Frugi clothes from this season.  My toddler likes it as the one button is quick to do up but enough to hold it on.  It’s particularly nice to have this to go with the ruffle cord dress for coordinated layers.

Songbird Dress & Summer Shrug – So Gorgeous!

Product Review by Helen H – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Songbird Dress & Summer Shrug

This wasn’t one of my Frugi parcel items for review, it was one of the items that when I first looked at Frugi’s summer collection I knew I had to have as the combination of dress and shrug was just so so gorgeous.

I’d loved C4C’s dress last year but had always wished that it had sleeves, well like they seem to do every season they’d improved on things. Here was a gorgeous organic dress with sleeves – excellent. A personal thing but I like tops and dresses to have sleeves so that those precious shoulders are protected from getting sunburnt. 


I’m going to get a bit repetitive in my reviews when I say that the dress is really really soft. Having bought their clothing for 4 years now, I’ve just come to take that for granted with C4C and Frugi clothing. The quality is always fantastic and on the one occasion eighteen months ago when I had problems with a dungaree fastener the customer service was superb and they replaced the item straight away. This clothing is not throw away but really washes and washes and stands up to the rigors of active children.  

My little girl is a bit of a tom boy, as I dress her in trousers most of the time (having never quite mastered tights) Saying that she does seem to sparkle when I say to her ‘doesn’t that look beautiful’, she loved the flower and songbird detail. It really is such a gorgeous and easy care dress, no ironing required here (given that up ages ago, now just reserved for husband’s work shirts – can justify by being much more eco friendly!)  Her brothers loved her looking like a ‘little girl’.  The cut of the dress is very flattering, with the gathers at the waist. Very importantly if you have big headed children like I do, it’s really easy to put on and off as there are several buttons at the back.

The summer shrug just sold the outfit to me. A lovely pastel pink, super soft, it is just so handy to have as a lightweight top. The attention to detail with the embroidered motif just increases the ‘ahh’ factor. 

Having taken advantage of a nice summers day, I now have a lovely photo of my little girl in dress and shrug by some flowers – a good one for the relatives.