Flip Flop Hoody

Flip Flop HoodyThe photos of the Flip Flop Hoody makes it look a little bit pale and wishy washy so when it arrived I was pleased to see that it was actually a lot brighter than the brochure depicts. The pale pink side makes it a great top for either the Fancy Pants Roll Ups or the Truly Scrumptious Dress. The minty side matches the Flip Flop T-shirt so looks great with that. The fact that so much of the collection mixes and matches is ideal as we recently went away and managed to take a few items which saw us through traipsing around museums, going out for dinner and playing in the park with just a few clothes and a multi purpose, goes with everything hoody! As its reversible its quite thick and will easily be wearable through to the autumn so I’m expecting a lot of wear from it.

Reviewed by Sam C – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Dotty Spotty Hoody

Dotty Spotty Reversible Hoody

I love hoodys for babies. Not only are they absolutely adorable, but I have discovered that a hood is a lot harder to pull off your head than a hat – hat’s stay on my daughter for about 5 seconds at the moment.

The Dotty Spotty Hoody is my current go-to jumper for my 9 month old. I love the colours, the softness, the usual generous fit you can expect from Frugi. Lily mainly loves the zipper.

The top detail of a reversible jumper is, of course, the fact that it’s reversible, meaning you not only get two options appearance-wise, but you can turn it inside out when baby has a particularly messy lunch and it will still look great for the rest of the day. The two sides go wonderfully together, but are actually quite different (solid pink vs purple spots on cream) so one way or another, this really does go with everything in Lily’s wardrobe.

The double sides also mean that it is double thickness – two layers of yummy Frugi cotton knit, which is fantastic at the moment, although it might make it a bit too warm to be a ‘just in case it cools down before we head home’ high-summer option.

Reviewed by Kate F – Frugi Customer & Crusader