Blushing Blossom Tiered Skirt


Cool - Frugi Blushing Blossom tiered Skirt

 My first impression was that this was another good quality, soft and hard wearing Frugi Skirt

 It fitted my daughter well and it looks adorable when teamed with leggings and the knitted swing cardigan.  However, on days when it has been too warm for a cardigan, I have really struggled to find any tops that don’t clash with the skirts many patterns.  This may just be that we tend to have plain skirts and trousers and patterned tops in our house and I can easily remedy this by purchasing the Frugi long sleeve T-shirt pack, but just thought it was worth noting.

The skirt  itself has not been as popular in our house as the other Frugi skirts have been, but never the less my daughter is happy to wear it and the soft unrestricting nature of this skirt means she is free to climb or jump  or do whatever she is doing without any restrictions.

One of the best things is how easy this skirt is for a child to put on themselves, perfect for encouraging independence in this age group.


Reviewed by D. Malcolm Frugi customer and crusader

Must-have printed cord gypsy skirt

Product Review by Joy P, Frugi Customer & Crusader

This is a must-buy item.  My two and a half year old loves this skirt, it is easy to put on and to manage loo trips by herself in it, and it looks fabulous.  The print is lovely and in a very tasteful colour scheme.  Abi wears hers mostly with the Bong Tree Top which makes a great outfit and has received lots of admiring comments.  I like it as you can dress it up or down with different tights or hair things, and because it’s a very good length and fullness for looking great but still being able to move around easily in it.