Romany Stripe Top – A Summer Favourite!

Product Review by Natasha R – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Romany Stripe Top 

There’s something so jolly and summery about wide horizontal stripes on a T-shirt. The straight neck also gives an air of summer, reminding me somehow of little French nautical tops. I see this top and suddenly I am thinking of the seaside. The designers of this top were probably also thinking of the seaside when they made it, but in a more practical way. Three-quarter length sleeves protect from the sun without getting in the way of hands splashing in rock-pools; thick, soft material perfect for wrapping you up in after a swim. Difficult to crumple, no need to iron, it would come up quite nicely after a morning bundled up in the bottom of a beach bag; and it would match with practically anything you happened to be wearing when you pulled it out.

My daughter loves this top, I love this top. Pink stripes mean that it is guaranteed to please most little girls. Pale green trimmings on the cuffs and neck add a touch of distinction to it and make it the perfect top to wear with the Explorer Bootcuts or Romany Skirt in Frugi’s summer catalogue. I like it that it matches these pieces without being overdone, the end result is a rather classy “effortlessly coordinated” look rather than of “trying too hard” that can happen when each item of clothing displays an identical motif.

At first I didn’t like the embroidered flower in the bottom corner (although my daughter did) but when I put the top on with the Explorer Bootcuts I saw straight away that it lightened the solid stripes and matched the embroidery on the pants (which don’t use the same flower motif so the effect is subtle, not exaggerated) in a way that made the whole outfit hang together well. I have, now, come to appreciate the little flower as giving a hint of delicacy to the T-shirt and my daughter likes it for its “prettiness”.

This top is a great practical wardrobe basic with a little touch of something extra given by the unusually shaped neckline and dewy green trim.