Dizzy Dotty Lined Cords

Dizzy Dotty Cord TrousersThese thick, soft cord trousers are heavenly. My daughter loves them and I’m sure they are as comfy as they look as she bounds around doing anything and everything in them! They fit her perfectly (she’s an average 3 1/4 year old), and of course they’ll last well into the spring with less of a turn-up, which, by the way look fab with her matching Dizzy Dotty Smock Top. Now it’s getting colder, and our nights are going to start at 4pm I’ll be very happy knowing she’s wearing these to keep her warm – now all we need are some snug boots!

Reviewed By Rachael T – Frugi Crusader

Amazing Grape Pull Ups

Frugi model in Amazing grape pull ups
Frugi model in Amazing grape pull ups


A perfect choice for a very active baby who is crawling and climbing everywhere but has not yet mastered walking! 

Soft, great quality, a good fit around the waist and very easy to get on and get off.  Because of the wide (yet comfy) bottoms I found I needed to dress my daughter in thick socks that I could pull a long way up her leg as on a colder chilly day these trousers could be a little drafty!

Reviewed by B. Struthers – Frugi customer and crusader

Review:Bow Peep Roll-Ups

Frugi bow peep roll-ups










We were so excited when these gorgeous trousers arrived, but we had to await the warmer weather! We’ve finally had a few days of sunshine and thus the trousers have been put to good use! I’m pretty sure my daughters will test clothing in the good ole fashioned way! We’ve been rolling down grassy verges, splashing rather vehemently in muddy puddles and wiping sticky raspberry stained fingers down them, and thus far they’ve come up well! I wash my clothes at 30, predominantly with soap nuts and my main praise for Frugi is the clothes clean well! I have found however that the fabric of these trousers seems a little stiffer once washed, perhaps it’s the hard water here in Norfolk? Or perhaps it’s just the way they are made, but they definitely resemble cardboard after a morning on the line! Still, within minutes of being on and rolled around in they are soft and ready.


I love the colours, they receive many compliments and are incredibly twee. My daughter likes them too and points at the spots, proclaiming loudly “Look, POTS!!” However neither of us can really work out what we’re supposed to do with the ties! I came close to cutting them off because they just tie awkwardly, stick out when in the car seat and fall apart knot wise when walking. They are definitely the least loved thing about these otherwise adorable trousers. I don’t think they serve a particular purpose either? I was definitely befuddled. I also don’t think they’d work well (the knots / extra fabric) with smaller children, Mirabelle is old enough now not to pull and chew on things but that would have been entirely different a mere 6 months ago.

Overall they are a success, but there are definitely a few small things that would put me off buying them again.


Reviewed by Chloe M – Frugi customer and crusader

Review: Strawberry Sundae Bootcuts

Stripy TrousersMy daughter loves two things, dresses and trousers that are similar to PJ’s but that mummy lets her wear out and about.
I love two things – clothes that are slightly different and quirky, clothes that are easily washed and stay looking new.

The Strawberry Sundae Bootcut Trousers are proving popular, they’ve been worn to Nana’s house, to the park, to playgroup and to the shops. I know they are good because she chooses them over her previous favourites! They have survived our hard water without becoming as stiff as a very stiff thing, which is always a slightly concern when you don’t have a tumble dryer but do have a rather particular daughter.

They have remained soft, the colours haven’t run (hoorah, my mother would be proud!) and they’ve not become a shapeless baggy saggy mess, which is what seems to happen to a lot of clothes!

Also – no buttons! A very huge positive when it comes to a little girl who is learning to use the toilet independently, it means she can pull them down and up on her own, which is actually a huge thing! I hadn’t given it much thought previously but now buttons are something of a nuisance. She feels fantastic because she’s done it all herself, and I don’t have to abandon something 2/5’s of the way through to make a mad dash into the toilet to fiddle with small toddler trouser buttons. Hoorah all round. The fact they have ties is very important as they wouldn’t have fit my skinny minny otherwise! I think the only thing that could have made them better would have been a bit more elastic in the waist! Or a way of adjusting the waist a little more tightly than through the drawstrings, as lots of up and down action meant they did end up falling down half way through the day! 

All in all we’re thrilled, and the envy of many friends – two of whom have already swapped clothes with her whilst visiting in order to sport her trousers!

Reviewed by Chloe M – Frugi Customer & Crusaders

Stardust trousers – a review

Reviewed by Joy P, Frugi Customer & Crusader

These trousers are absolutely beautiful; the embroidery is big and bold and shiny and has attracted glowing comments whenever my two-year old has worn them.  They’ve got those Frugi details in too, I love the stitched-down corner of the pocket on the back and having the lining show at the bottom.

They get the thumbs-up for comfort from Abi too, being cosily lined and having toggles at the waist to get a good fit – a novelty for us, but since abandoning cloth nappies in the summer for grown-up trips to the bathroom, suddenly many things have been falling down.

The courdroy holds its shape very well, which means I haven’t ironed them yet despite many washings!  It is great for turning up while the trousers are being grown into – a turn up holds all day without needing tacking into place, and it looks deliberate because of the lovely lining. The colours have also held excellently.  There is one drawback, though, which is that the  cords do attract fluff in the wash and it really shows on the Raisin colour.  However, this may actually be a good thing, as they’ve been worn a lot as everyday trousers, whereas otherwise I might have kept them for best.  And it would be a great shame not to flaunt these at every possible opportunity, given how lovely they are and how hard-wearing!

Pretty and Practical – Girls Explorer Bootcuts

Product Review by Natasha R – Frugi Customer & Crusader
Romany Stripe Top >

I want my two year old to be able to run, jump and climb. To be able to garden, fingerpaint, and roll down hills without clothing that restricts her or gets in the way. My two year old, however, wants to look like a princess. Generally this involves some form of pink. Frills have (thankfully) been found not necessary (probably because they can get a bit itchy) but floral emblems or something else “pretty” are essential. Despite the lack of pink (or in my case, maybe because of it) the Explorer Bootcuts satisfy both of us.

An extreamly versatile item of clothing, you can button up the cuffs for summer to make them three-quarter length or leave them long for colder days. They have an elasticised waist that also has a drawstring. This means you can adjust the size of the waist to fit your child and tie it up, but then your child can slip the pants on and off without undoing or doing up the drawstring like they would track suit pants. Easy access that is essential during toilet training. No difficult zips or buttons means that your little one will be able to feel proud of dressing herself. Lots of pockets for storing treasures, generous sizing. They are made from a soft but strong canvas that washes well in a delicate pale green that teams well with pink and they have that all important flower motif.

One detail I love is the buttons on the cuffs which are made from wood rather than plastic. A very classy touch, and better for the environment. The green colour itself is also quite elegant. Understated and neutral it comes across as stylish and quite chic without uncessary sophistication. Oh, and did I mention, it goes well with pink?

We teamed these pants with the girls reversible hat which is made from the same canvas material with a dusty pink lining. You can also wear it with the Romany Stripe top in pink which obligingly has pale green trimmings on the cuffs and neck that tie the whole outfit together.

All up, a fantastic addition to the wardrobe, practical and comfortable, pretty and elegant. In fact, so nice that I can’t quite bring myslelf to let her fingerpaint in them just yet, but they’ve been great for rolling down hills in!