Organic baby clothes at Frugi towers Helston

Frugi towers in Helston under construction


Progress is continuing apace at our new offices and warehouse, in Helston. We all can’t wait to see the shelves loaded up with gorgeous Frugi organic cotton baby and kids clothes.

Is Helston ready for us? We’re going to have a little Frugi shop, on the ground floor, so people can pop along and buy baby clothes and meet the team.

Helston is not exactly a mecca for baby clothes – there’s a Tesco’s, but that’s not exactly selling organic cotton clothes. So, the shop is going to be quite important for us and it’ll be great to have a little more space to display things better.

Will probably be doing our next sample sale from the new build. Not sure when, but we’ll let everyone know as soon as we do.



Frugi for older children??

Help!! My oldest daughter who is a very small six year old will very soon be past the stage where I can possibly stuff her into your size 4 clothes. Although out of cloth nappies for quite some time we have being squeezing her into your size 4 clothes for as long as possible for so many reasons…Organic cotton, ethically manufactured, sturdy, durable, well thought out clothes with a conscience as well as just plain lovely designs!

Now I understand that teenagers might have their own ideas about what they like to wear, but why, when a customer has been faithfully buying your clothes for 4 years are they suddenly shut out in the cold once their child gets past size 4? I look at the pictures of your smiling factory workers and their happy schooled children in your catalgue and I think to myself “Why can’t they make clothes for my older child too?” (the factory workers that is, not the children in school!). Surely you could consider a range up to, say, size 12 (and then we could have this discussion again in 6 years!)?? People need to get past the idea that organic and ethically produced clothes are only necessary for babies – there are so many reasons to buy (and make) them for everyone in the family. I haven’t found any other company as ethically responsible as yours and am at a loss at what do do that doesn’t involve somehow trying to stunt my daughters growth!

High Time for High Waistbands – Dino T-shirt & Explorer Trousers

Product Review by Joanne G – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Boys Dino T-shirt and Boys Explorer Trousers

I never thought the day would come when I would side with Simon Cowell let alone commend his sometimes questionable dress sense – but when it comes to high waistbands Mr Cowell and I are reading from the same cheesy songbook.

I have enjoyed the hipster revival as much as the next person, but not until I had Michael did I see the folly of the anti-highrise attitude found amongst our Nation’s fashionistas. However, flicking through a girly mag at the doctors the other day I am reliably informed that the high waistband is back. Well here’s hoping that the children’s fashion fraternity sits up and takes some notice. Hipsters on kids don’t work. When did dressing your child in practical, comfortable and (cough, cough) “appropriate” clothing fall by the wayside, in favour of a pair of skimpy, trousers that ride down to the thighs the moment the child moves about? And don’t get me started on hipsters and nappies.

So it was with a great sigh of relief that I opened my parcel from Frugi. Thank heaven for Frugi. The little pair of Explorer Zip-Off Trousers and the matching Dino Tee look the part, but more importantly play the part. The trousers, in particular, are designed with active kids in mind. The waistband, while far from being Cowell-esque, is high enough that it covers everything it should. The zip-offs are a fashionable, but practical style that will see Michael through summer and into Autumn. The design is well thought out, changing a smart pair of trousers into a very trendy pair of shorts. Together, the trousers and the tee make a great casual outfit for everyday wear, however the trousers can easily be paired with a shirt to suit a more formal occasion.

Both the trousers and the tee are made of the softest organic cotton, and the toggles on the trousers waistband gives great adjustability for cloth nappy and disposable wearing babies alike. The Dino Tee is charming and, washes superbly.

Perhaps I am being a little too ready to seek the demise of the kiddie hipster, but as this little outfit proves it is possible to have fashionable, stylish clothes, that are practical and child-friendly.