The new Frugi picnic and veg patch

Look what I've dug

The Warehouse boys have got themselves a new project. Behind Frugi HQ is a little scrap of wasteland that they are busy converting into a picnic area. They’ve cleared the ground, and are busy getting it ready for some grass seed and some picnic tables. They have a dream of a little vegetable patch as well, to grow some lovely organic produce for their lunches.

It’s such a brilliant idea, and we’re all right behind them. We’ll keep you up to date with its progress, but for now here’s a picture of our Derek doing some of the graft! Go Del boy, go!!

Living the Frugi dream

A big welcome to Abigail, who has relocated from Scotland to sunny Cornwall to ‘work’ here at Frugi towers. (Not that Scotland isn’t sunny you understand…)

Her job is to assist Lauren in the measuring, detailing and general getting things right that goes on to make Frugi clothes. As we grow as a company, it’s great to see talented people joining us and helping to make our organic cotton clothes even more special!

That’s the joy of Frugi. At every stage we’ve strived to be better, in everything we do. To listen and learn and to act upon what we hear. Of course, the old adage that you can’t please all of the people all of the time is true. We get conflicting emails and phone calls from customers all the time. Some say that we do too much of such and such, and then aother customer saying that we don’t do enough of it. But we try our best.

It’s an exciting, dynamic and brilliant time for us. And…it’s Christmas too!!!!  (A big Ho! Ho! Ho! from us all).

So, welcome Abigail. Our latest, “Brilliant” person. You’ll get to know us at the Christmas Party – baptism of fire!!

Knitted Swing Cardigan Review

Frugi organic swing cardi
Frugi organic swing cardi

We received our parcel a few weeks ago and  the moment I opened it the swing cardigan was a big hit with my three and a half year old.   She just loves the bright colour (Fuchsia) and the large buttons make it perfect for the “I can do it myself” moments  – off which we have many.

My daughter has hardly taken this cardigan off since it arrived.  She is the only child in her Nursery class who chooses not to wear school uniform and I love the fact that this cardigan really means that she looks smart yet still stands out from the crowds.   It’s also lovely and warm (it’s suddenly become quite cold up here in the lakes) and it’s fantastic to have a warm item of clothing that she is so keen to put on.

The bright colour also comes in really useful when I need to spot her in a crowd such as at a playground etc or when she runs to the other side of a field and the speed of light.   I found it really easy to keep track of the bight pink girl at the park today.

The Cardigan feels really well made, the wool is soft and I have no fears about it losing its shape or becoming bobbly.  It’s been washed a few times now and still looks as good as new. 

All in all – Fantastic.  My daughter firm favourite of the year and as its so cute  and practical  that I’m  delighted too.

 Thank You.

Reviewed by D. Malcolm Frugi customer and crusader

Bibs, glorious bibs

Let’s be honest – when you can pop down to the high street and grab a fistful of bibs for a few quid, Frugi’s seem quite expensive – after all, they’re just there to catch the stains you don’t want on your little one’s nice clothes, right? Exactly, I agree. If you want to protect your beautiful Frugi gear, you need these bibs.









I’ll get the aesthetic stuff out of the way – yes, the bibs are adorable; of course, the little images are cute. More importantly though, these bibs are super practical. Big, generous fronts actually do the job of protecting clothing. They’re cut all in one piece and close with a single popper meaning no wrangling ties and no velcro to stick to everything else in the wash, but also no pulling the whole thing over the head. They are made of Frugi’s beautiful cottons – smooth on the front, with terry on the back, making them much more absorbent than other bibs we’ve tried, so you actually only have to take the bib off, not change their whole outfit, when they get a little over-enthusiastic about that drink you gave them.










There are only two downsides to these bibs. The first is that the popper closure means that the sizing is not adjustable and they might be a bit loose on really small babes. The second is that once you get one set, you won’t want bibs from anywhere else… I love the Berry Nice ones so much, I went back to get the Whatever the Weather set and discovered they had sold out. I have been stalking the website, hoping that they will reappear and was rather pleased when I discovered they had more on the way. Quick – get them while you can (I’ve already ordered mine).


Posted by Kate F – Frugi customer and crusader

Ode to Autumn 09

Sorry about this – Alex has got me started and now I can’t stop…

Ever heard tell of the Princess

With twenty mattresses, no less?

She couldn’t get to sleep, you see

Because of that annoying pea.

She tossed and turned all through the night

Now to the left, now to the right.

She counted sheep, to no avail –

That pea was harder than chain mail.

Young ladies, if you’d like a tip

On why that Princess got no kip,

It’s simple, the poor girl, I fear

Was quite bereft of Frugi gear.

Does your skin itch, or chafe, or burn?

Your clothes bring on a funny turn?

Does mother try to cram you in

To things that hurt your gentle skin?

You really should try out this stuff –

It’s soft as silk, and twice as tough.

These lovely clothes will set you free

From the discomfort of that pea.

Frugi wear was made for this –

To bring princesses lasting bliss.


Posted by Zoe R Frugi Customer, Crusader and poet

Lots of things about organic cotton and ethical clothes

Well hopefully this is the start of a beautiful blog! Here at Frugi, our planet revolves around organic cotton and ethical clothing, and since most of us in the office are women we feel a strange urge to share our thoughts with the rest of the world!

There’s a whole page of blurb explaining who we are and heaps of information on our website, but in short Frugi sells organic cotton clothes – all ethically made – for babies, kids and mums.  

We think really carefully about everything we do. Lucy & Kurt (the founders of Frugi) spent a long time searching for the right manufacturers to make our organic cotton clothes back when they started the company four years ago (under the name Cut4Cloth). With all the tragic stories in the media these days about clothes that are produced in sweat shops by children and sold cheap on our high streets, Lucy & Kurt were determined to do things ethically. And they did…In a nutshell – all our clothes are made from 100% organic cotton which means there are no nasty chemicals or ugly pesticides involved, all the farmers and workers are paid a fair salary and are over 18.

We’ve got so much to say, and here on our blog we can twitter on to our hearts’ content about all that’s important to us; organic cotton, ethical clothes, cloth nappies and all things green and eco-friendly in general. With luck, our Frugi Blog will be crammed full with intriguing facts and random ponderings…we hope you’ll enjoy it!