Go wild in the Warehouse

Fold them neatly


The warehouse guys are doing a bit of spring cleaning this week, and getting prepared for our next sample sale.

Boxes are being labelled, clothes folded and plans hatched.

Not quite sure when it’s going to be yet, but we’ll keep you posted!

Meanwhile do they get the prettiest warehouse award for the lovely Frugi banners on the wall?

A very tidy warehouse

A big thank you to Derek and Kai who have been very busy, in Mark’s absence, tidying our new warehouse this week.

There have been labels being printed, boxes being shifted and floors being swept.

We like a bit of that, here in the Today department.

Everything ship-shape and Bristol fashion!

And, control yourselves, here is a picture of some Frugi racking with Mark in the background with our Henry Hoover.

What a great picture!


Nice straight lines - that's what we like!