Why we love cloth nappies

At Frugi we’ve always loved cloth nappies.

Kurt and Lucy, who founded the company, put their first-born in washable nappies and from here the The Frugi story began.

Classic Frugi Nappies
Classic Frugi Nappies

Back when we were called ‘Cut4Cloth’ our aim was to design bright, fun, ethical and organic clothes for babies that would fit over both daytime and night-time cloth nappies. At the time there was nobody catering, clothes wise, for cloth nappy wearing children. ( Given that cloth bottoms gave babies a bigger bum. Couple this with a baby on the 99th percentile, clothes were a bit of an issue).

Lucy checked out the forums, on dial up internet (remember that?) and found out that lots of other parents were having the same trouble.

Well, to cut a long story short, we went ‘Live’ on June 1st 2004 and we’ve never looked back!

Thank you to all the cloth nappy wearing, forum posting, environmentally minded, lovely people who have supported us over the years!